Jane is a passion project that began as pre-work for my User Experience Design Immersive course at General Assembly — born from the question, What makes for an effective meeting experience?

To gain insight into the experience of group communication where the participants are attending or calling into a meeting.

To understand the habits and experiences individuals have had when communicating within groups.

To identify any pain points they have experienced during these group interactions.

My Role
Research | Interaction Design | Usability Testing | Visual Design

— Qualitative Research & Synthesizing Data
— Feature Prioritization
— Wireframing and Prototyping
— Usability Testing & Ideation
— Visual Design

How might we create an effective and engaging meeting experience for both the facilitator and participant through a mobile app solution?

Jane is currently in the second stage of design ideation and the first stage of final visual design. The color applied to the mid-fidelity wireframes and the application icon is the beginning stage of that visual design process.

Mobile, Desktop and Watch (Mid-Fidelity Wireframes)

App Icon

Affinity Map


2×2 Feature Matrix


Design Ideation Sketches with Flow

Speak Interaction Flow